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The Nueces County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the promotion of public safety by providing services that are progressive, innovative, and visionary in collaboration with the resources in our community.
Professional Vision Standards:
  • Our principle standard is to protect life and property
  • We treat each other and the community with dignity and respect
  • Our employees are our most valued assets
  • We value community partnerships
  • We demand the highest level standard of honesty and integrity
  • We value personal and professional growth through education and training
  • We strive to maintain the highest level of public trust
  • We recognize the importance of investing in the future of our community's children
  • We recognize diversity as strength
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The first sheriff of Nueces County was H.W. Berry in 1846 when the county was organized. The following is a partial list of known former sheriffs:

1847-1849 Thomas S. Parker - became a Texas Ranger after his term as Sheriff

1881-1882 Thomas Beynon - became a private business owner after his term as Sheriff

1900-1902 John U. Bluntzer - became the County's Tax Collector after his term as Sheriff

1902-1916 Michael Bennett Wright - known for leaving impressions of two guns, handcuffs, leg irons, keys and a horseshoe in the sidewalk in front of the old County Courthouse

1917-1923 Frank Robinson - became a Texas Ranger after his term as Sheriff

1923-1925 Geroge Peters, Sr. - first elected Republican Sheriff, later served as a U.S. Deputy Marshal after his term as Sheriff

1925-1933 Ben F. Lee - known as the Sheriff with compassion, never carried a gun during his term

01/01/33-03/29/33 James W. Galbreath - his term was cut short by his untimely death

1933-1937 Paul Cox - former Nueces County Tax Collector, later became a successful realtor and developer

1938-1952 John B. Harney - John B. Harney was elected Sheriff in 1938. He remained Sheriff for 14 years, until 1952.

1953-1957 Michael Odem Dolan - former officer for the Corpus Christi Police Department

1957-1977 Johnnie Mitchell - former FBI agent, served 20 years as Sheriff

1977-1982 Solomon Ortiz - first Hispanic Sheriff, became U.S. Congressman after his term as Sheriff

1982-1992 James T. Hickey - served as Ortiz's Chief Deputy prior to his election as Sheriff

1992-1996 James Patrick "J.P." Luby - former Nueces County Commissioner

1997-01/02/06 Larry Olivarez, Sr. - first Hispanic to be elected to three consecutive terms

01/02/06-11/17/06 Rebecca L. Stutts - appointed a Interim Sheriff by Nueces County Commissioners Court on January, 2, 2006

11/17/06-Present Jim Kaelin - sworn into office on November 17, 2006

The TxGenWeb project includes a county map, census data, and archive files such as court records, land/deed records, births, deaths, marriages, and divorces.
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Employment Verification For employment verification on a current or past employee, please fax a release form with the employee's signature to (361) 887-2206 ATTN: Chief Daniel Perez or you may deliver the request in person. Information will not be released without the employee's written consent.
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Public Information Requests Public information requests can be submitted in writing either in person, by mail, or by fax. Please be as specific as possible in the request. Requests may be sent to:

IN PERSON: 901 Leopard Street Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
BY MAIL: Nueces County Sheriff's Office
ATTN: Public Information Officer
P.O. Box 1940
Corpus Christi, Texas 78403
BY FAX: (361) 887-2206
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Mission Statement | History | Employment Verification | Public Information Requests