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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a pay site?
No, not at this time. However, it could possibly become a pay site in the future.

Why do I now have to register to perform searches I used to be able to do without registering?
In the past we have had problems with abuse of the system. So this is what we must do to protect not only the data, but our computer hardware. The abuse that has occurred has created many problems for our current system. This is just our way of protecting ourselves.

What will my phone number and email address be used for?
This information is used simply for contacting you if we have any questions. Your information will NOT be passed on to any third party.

What is "Daily Hits Allowed" in my Usage Stats Page?
You are limited in the number of hits you can create each day. You are set up in such a way that you should not have to worry about this. The number of hits ou are allotted should be more than adequate.

Can my hit limit be increased? If so, how?
Yes, you can have your limits increased. Email the Webmaster and inform her of your name, email address, and reason for wanting the increase. This in most cases will be granted immediately.

Why did I receive a password that I will never be able to remember?
This is a computer generated password. No person creates this jumbled bunch of letters. It was created at the time that you signed up as a new user. You have the option to change your password if you wish.

Can I change my password? If so, how?
Yes, however you MUST be logged into the system first. Once you have entered your Username and current password and clicked the "Log In" button, follow these instructions:

  1. You will be given information about the search system and 1 option: "Criminal Search." Click it.
  2. You will see a blue box labeld "User Info." Inside that box is a link "Click here to change your password." Click that link.
  3. Enter your old password.
  4. Enter your new password.
  5. Re-enter your new password for verification that you typed what you thought you typed.
  6. Press the "Submit Change" button.
The next time you log in, you get to use your new password. It's that easy.