Amended Public Notice of Motion To Seal Court Records May 23
Appraisal District Public Notice May 16
Appraisal Review Board
Bail Bond Board Agenda Meeting June 28 2016
Beach Management Committee June 22
Behavioral Health Center Of Nueces County June 30
Behavioral Health Center Planning and Network Advisory Commitee June 14
Child Welfare Board Meeting June 24 2016
Civil Service Commission June 14
Coastal Bend Regional Water Planning Group May 18
Commissioners Court Agenda Public Meeting June 21
Commissioners Court Budget Workshop June 28-30
Commissioners Court Countwide Polling Place Program June 27
Corpus Christi DownTown Management District Regular Meeting June 16
Corpus Christi Housing Authority June 16
Corpus Christi Housing Authority June 23
Council Of District Judges Emergency Meeting Agenda June 14
Council Of District Judges Meeting June 20
Education Service Center Region 2 July 18
Emergency Services District 2 Fire Commissioners Board Meeting June 21
Emergency Services District Number Four June 23
Emergency Services District Number One June 20
Library Advisory Board Meeting Cancelled June2
Metro Com Operations Commitee Regular Meeting June 23
Nueces County Civil Service Commission June 30
Nueces County Hospital District Planning Committee Meeting June 26
Nueces County Hospital Finance Committee Regular Meeting June 28
NuecesCounty Hospital District Board Of Managers Regular Meeting June 28
Port of Corpus Christi Auth Port Commission June 21
Port Of Corpus Christi Commission Meeting June 21
Public Utility Commission of Texas Central Records May 23
Regional Health Awareness Board Meeting June 23 2016
Regional Transportation Authority
Regional Transportation Authority June 22 2016
Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Nueces County Appraisal District June 8
Revised Commissioners Court Agenda Notice Public Meeting June 8
River Acres Water Supply Board Meeting June 28
Test Of Automatic Tabulating Equipment April 6
Texas Community Development Block Grant June 3
The Audit Committee Of Port Commission Of Corpus Christi Authority Meeting June 16
The Audit Committee Of The Port Commission Of The Port Of Corpus Christi Authority June 16
Violet Water Supply Corporation Board Of Directors Meeting June 20
Water Control & Improvement District No 4 June 21, 2016
Water Control Improvement District no 4 June 21
Workforce Solutions Board Of Directors Meeting June 23
Workforce Solutions Child Care Services Committee Meeting June 21
Workforce Solutions Executive Finance Commitee Meeting June
WorkForce Solutions Meeting June 3
Workshop for the Board of Directors Nueces County Appraisal District June 8